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Marco De Nadai

Data Scientist and Ph.D. student at University of Trento, Italy.

Blog articles

December 2016

My favorite scientific papers of 2016

After one year of Ph.D., this are my favourite scientific papers. They come from computer science, computational social science and urban planning.

September 2016

Professional paper writing in Latex [2016]

The definite guide to write articles and papers in Latex. This article helps you to design nice tables, avoid errors etc.

September 2014

Stop remembering passwords

Passwords are a "pain in the ass" and hackers continue stealing them. With a password manager like Mitro it's possible to stop remembering passwords and having the security of a bullet proof Open Source system.

August 2014

Wordpress? The future is static

How to move your (Wordpress) blog into a static HTML website and host it for free.