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Marco De Nadai

Marco De Nadai

Research Scientist in Data Science and Computer Vision at FBK, Italy.
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Komixjam is a personal project and it is an anime and manga website. This was composed by a forum, an anime and manga enciclopedia, a gallery and a daily updated blog.

My initial efforts were concentrated on the brand creation. Komixjam was an unknown website, sorrounded by big italian competitors. I created the name “Komixjam”, the logo in collaboration with a brasilian designer and Tiziana Marzi, a fantastic heterogeneus team, the SEO-ready website and finally the Facebook page.

The anime and manga enciclopedia was build with the scope of containing many categorized anime and manga, each with its own information (images, links, video etc). In order to induce people to insert data on this website, I created a couple of contests. We had success: there were more than 300K anime and manga with original (no-duplicate) content.

As a result of all this work, we had 50’000 unique visitors and a big an active community which followed us in all the italian events.

The website was realized with WordPress, PHP Zend Framework, 960gs and Sphinx for the search. komixjam komixjam komixjam komixjam komixjam komixjam komixjam komixjam