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Marco De Nadai

Marco De Nadai

Data Scientist and Computer Vision researcher at FBK, Italy.
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MCZ is the european leader in the heating area. I worked with the company’s team thinking about the buying process of the customers, their way of thinking and the customers difficulties understanding each product. After the analyse we tried to get some feedback from the managers and the customers, we observed the behaviour of the users in the old website and we came out with a new design, helped by Studio Canton Bernardi.

After the first draft we did a lot of A/B testing in order to try to understand the users behaviour and we applied the test feedback to the website design but we also documented everything for the managers.

The entire project is simple: we provided to the users videos which explain all the heating concepts, all the technical details are simple, effective and downloadable. We tried to simplify also the selection of the products: why do all the products seem to be the same? We needed to highlight all the major features:

The website is realized with PHP Zend Framework, 960gs, jQuery, mySQL, requireJS. We collaborated also with MOCA Interactive, in order to optimize all the website for the search engines. MCZ MCZ MCZ MCZ MCZ MCZ MCZ MCZ