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Marco De Nadai

Marco De Nadai

Research Scientist in Data Science and Computer Vision at FBK, Italy.
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MCZ is the european leader in the heating area. They had a big problem in the customers’ service: the spare parts paper catalogues changed everytime, the spare parts orders were received by phone or Fax, the manuals were not provided on the web and the courses were managed by paper and phone.

I build a system in which in one side every support center can select and order each part selecting it directly from the product (with a dynamic CSS tecnique), on the other side the administrator can draw each segment the customer will select. These segments will be associated with a code number directly from the company’s database (IBM AS/400). Differently from before, the orders will be processed by the same database without the intervention of any customers’ service officers.

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Then I’ve also revolutionized the courses managment that were organized but phone. Now the customers’ service office can insert the hotel informations, the days and before the course it can print all the informations about the enrolled people.

mczservice mczservice

After four years it is still working and used with GREAT feedback from the users.

The website is build with PHP Zend Framework, mySQL, CSS3, 960gs, IBM AS/400.