Click to Move: Controlling Video Generation with Sparse Motion


This paper introduces Click to Move (C2M), a novel framework for video generation where the user can control the motion of the synthesized video through mouse clicks specifying simple object trajectories of the key objects in the scene. Our model receives as input an initial frame, its corresponding segmentation map and the sparse motion vectors encoding the input provided by the user. It outputs a plausible video sequence starting from the given frame and with a motion that is consistent with user input. Notably, our proposed deep architecture incorporates a Graph Convolution Network (GCN) modelling the movements of all the objects in the scene in a holistic manner and effectively combining the sparse user motion information and image features. Experimental results show that C2M outperforms existing methods on two publicly available datasets, thus demonstrating the effectiveness of our GCN framework at modelling object interactions.

ICCV 2021